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March 31 – May It Be

Hey all,

Well, I saw a reading for today, tomorrow, and the next day and it was RIGHT ON for me.  Every last thing that is not a part of my future had to be faced and released.  The most painful, difficult, seemingly-unfair last things I was clinging onto with my last breath.  Those things.  So today was wrenching.  But I’ve done the work, the release is right, and I’m ready to move into what is next with faith and trust.  And I’m currently…

Reading:  Not much reading today.  Just some spiritual materials I follow daily.

Watching:  Besides Jeopardy and Wheel, we watched Dancing With The Stars and cried along with everyone else.  And last night, we watched our last episode of Sherlock.  First of all, they made the physically-different looking homeless person a murderous monster, and then to top it off, the serial murderer psychopath ends up being the sweet gay guy who has a crush on Sherlock.  Like the gay community hasn’t been portrayed as sick, violent, deviant psychopaths ENOUGH fucking times.  I was so bitterly disappointed.  That sweet gay guy was the highlight of the episode until they demonized him.  Fuck you Sherlock.  I really needed his sparkling light.

Listening:  I listened to my youtube video playlist of transposed music.  I’m listening to it right now, as a matter of fact, Enya’s “May It Be,” and absorbing her blessings to me.

Eating:  I ate two full meals today with no digestive complaint.  The last 2 Amy’s meals, so I guess we’d better learn some good vegan recipes ourselves, because they’re not cheap.  But what a great way to get introduced to being vegan, being shown how delicious it can be, done right, and it can be tastier than, and even simpler than a trip to McDonald’s on those nights when you just can’t face the kitchen.  And this coming from a real fast food junkie just a few weeks ago.  Total transformation.

Drinking:  Kombucha!  One drink of that soothed my stomach cramps that were due to stress and the X-1 solar flare.  It was the spirulina and chlorella one and I’m going to drink that every day.  I absolutely love it now.

Enjoying:  I enjoyed watching people win money on the game shows.  It’s uplifting to watch someone’s world change so dramatically for the better right before your eyes, especially those with open hearts that really show their excitement and appreciation.  And I enjoyed watching Dancing With The Stars with Shan.  There was a lot of power and love in tonight’s episode.

Planning:  Still gotta call the groomer.  Kinda distracted today.

Thinking:  Trying not to.  Because I don’t have any idea how to move into the next period of all of this family’s journeys as they transform.  And if I think about that, I just cry.  So instead of thinking, I’m praying.  And waiting with faith and trust for the miracles that I know are about to begin.

God bless,




Art Journal Spread done with my new gouache.

Hey all,

I always try hard to give credit to wherever I find inspiration, and when I watched Jenniebellie’s FREE Inspiration Station classes, I saw her using pan gouache, and I fell in love.  Today’s spread was done with Caran D’Ache Studio Gouache and various pens:


I love how intense the pigmentation is, and after playing with their Neocolor II Water Soluble Pastels, I’m not surprised.  These people know how to do color for absolute color junkies like me.  RICH.  DEEP.  REAL.  I wish the palette was smaller, and the pans, too, because this is kind of a big, awkward set for me to use.  I basically do all travel-type art journaling, sitting in chairs, on the bed, wherever, so I need things to be portable, and these kinda aren’t.  The closed palatte is about 10 inches x 4 inches, and it’s 8 inches when open, and kinda heavy and awkward to try and hold in my hand while I paint.  But I love their versatility, richness, and ease of use otherwise.  They bring to mind vintage posters, to me.  I’m sure that was what they used to paint them!  Bottom line is, I love them and look forward to seeing what else they can do for me.

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I just joined BlogLovin!

I just joined the blog reader service Blog Lovin, as both a reader and a blogger.  I’ve been using it as just a reader for a little bit to try it out, and I love how simple it is to keep up on your favorite blogs, and how fun it is to search for ANY type of blog and quickly gather a wonderful, exciting, inspirational list of content from all over the blogosphere, with hardly any legwork at all.  And they email you a little update to remind you to check your list, which is very handy for me with my absolutely terrible memory these days.  So now you can follow The Artful Journey blog there too!

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Random Art re-posting because all-text posts are boooooooring and this chick is one of my favorites:


And yes, I’ve been doing some art after a big smackdown from the cosmos, but I haven’t photographed it yet.  I’ll get on that.  Got a gorgeous sunny day with lots of natural light today for it, so that’s awesome.

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List #3: Ideal Day and Jenniebellie’s new Journal Workshops

Yes, I’m late on this one.  Shit happened.  I mean, my whole being is being transformed, and from one day or even one moment to the next, I’m letting go of old things I used to love and inviting in new things I haven’t loved in this lifetime, so this prompt, the ingredients of my ideal day, seemed like poor timing.  Until I remembered my Desire Map.  Then I started listing the feelings I wanted to experience on my ideal day, and the page came together easily.  I was feeling a lot of resistance to doing art again (sigh) but then I turned the page after List #2 and I’d scraped red paint on the spread while doing some Fearless Painting (images coming soon) and it seemed all ready for me.  So I thought, “Well, I can just write a list on this.  In sky blue poster paint.”  And it went from there, adding embellishments, outlining every little thing, adding my three top symbols of star, heart, and spiral, and ending with this:


One thing this taught me is that pre-prepped pages, even just a little prepping, can make a big difference between doing art and just not feeling like making that first mark.

I also spent the whole day yesterday exploring Jennibellie’s wonderful new FREE art journal community, Journal Workshops!  I watched every video in her free class, Inspiration Station, and it really gave me a lot of insight and ideas and yes, inspiration, for how to move my practice forward.  Thank you Jenniebellie, I honestly believe you are THE most inspirational art journaling teacher out there.


List #2 Art Journal Spread

List #2 is How would I describe myself to a penpal?  A very cool prompt, especially since I have a great new penpal I’m just getting to know, and I would like to discover more along the way, and because I’m working on being more authentic in sharing my whole WEIRD and WONDERFUL self.  This drawing was done in Pentel Energel, then painted with watercolors, then embellished with brush pen, stick on jewels, glitter glue (in her pupils…so dreamy), poster paint pen, Pitt Artist pen, stickers (from my penpal!) and metallic gelly roll pens.

I’m comin’ out!



Why I Was MIA, and 30 Days of Lists, List #1

So yeah, about that whole 29 Faces thing.  I didn’t finish it.  Why?  Well, I got pulled completely offline in every way by Spirit from Feb. 21  – Feb 28, and that included my Internet for a few days.  This was big.  And now that I’ve been put back online, I’m a different person.  That’s the gist of it.

And I’m starting a new daily challenge for this month, as I mentioned before.  I’m doing the 30 Days of Lists, and List 1 came out yesterday.  I have never done this before, and my plan was to do an art journal page each day using the list.  But when the day came, I had SO much resistance to doing an art journal page.  And I realized, I was setting myself to overcome two different obstacles in this challenge, rather than one.  The first challenge, the list, is enough.  I don’t need the second challenge of doing daily art on top of that.

So then I couldn’t decide how to list, and I struggled for a couple of hours, changing my mind over and over and even having a slight panic attack.  It was ridiculous, or it seemed so, but I knew something BIG was trying to come through for me.  And it was Shan, my partner, who suggested I do my list different each day, and just follow my whims, letting my brain churn up idea after idea without it being because the first one wasn’t good enough.

This was huge for me.

I realized I would NEVER have allowed myself to do that without outside validation.  That I had a HARSH, even rather insane critic inside that wants things done A CERTAIN WAY, and that nothing I ever do is good enough for him.  Yes, it’s a he.  And my brain is extremely prolific when it comes to ideas.  And the way my critic uses that is to give them to me just when I’ve started something, because no, this idea would be even better…but then wait, if you did this too…oh and you should have done that instead because it would be so cool…oh wow what if we did that, too and this instead and…

And I become paralyzed, unable to just move forward with one idea, and it pisses me off and makes me dread doing creative work.  It’s creative death.

Yes, that is my crazy.  And it’s not just in art, but the way it shows up is mirrored exactly, and I KNOW that this work I’m doing with art is HUGE work that is healing this very detrimental issue so that maybe I can finally be happy.

With that in mind, I decided to use the original list I scribbled into a notebook, taking as much pressure off this issue as humanly possible.  So here it is, with the final item added before posting, thanks to Shan.


The little arrow is thanks to her, too, another sticker from another package of poop bags.  She brought it to me before she took Bruce for his morning walk.  🙂