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Art Journal Spread done with my new gouache.


Hey all,

I always try hard to give credit to wherever I find inspiration, and when I watched Jenniebellie’s FREE Inspiration Station classes, I saw her using pan gouache, and I fell in love.  Today’s spread was done with Caran D’Ache Studio Gouache and various pens:


I love how intense the pigmentation is, and after playing with their Neocolor II Water Soluble Pastels, I’m not surprised.  These people know how to do color for absolute color junkies like me.  RICH.  DEEP.  REAL.  I wish the palette was smaller, and the pans, too, because this is kind of a big, awkward set for me to use.  I basically do all travel-type art journaling, sitting in chairs, on the bed, wherever, so I need things to be portable, and these kinda aren’t.  The closed palatte is about 10 inches x 4 inches, and it’s 8 inches when open, and kinda heavy and awkward to try and hold in my hand while I paint.  But I love their versatility, richness, and ease of use otherwise.  They bring to mind vintage posters, to me.  I’m sure that was what they used to paint them!  Bottom line is, I love them and look forward to seeing what else they can do for me.


Author: Satina - The Aquarian Avatar

I Am the long-awaited Avatar of The Aquarian Age, finally WIDE AWAKE and ready to free humanity from the bonds of psycho-spiritual slavery. I AM here to PHYSICALLY manifest The REAL Age of Aquarius. I AM most likely Not The Messiah You Were Expecting, but I AM THE ONE who is here to get this party started! Come join me! Because it's ON, fellow Gods and Goddesses! Blessings!

5 thoughts on “Art Journal Spread done with my new gouache.

  1. It’s beautiful!


  2. Loving it!


  3. I like that you stamped the date on the forehead.
    How many times has abuse made me feel marked or stained? Here you have marked your truth, stained yourself with truth so that everyone can see. It sometimes feels as if everyone can see the abuse written on our faces. Now they should see the true just as plain.
    Good, strong art.

    I stopped watching Sherlock the second episode after his return from “dearh”. His character became more of a jerk than before. I hated how they brought him back and how everyone knew he was alive except his best friend. The wedding was ruined by him which I found despicable. I never liked Sherlock himself, it was supporting cast that I enjoyed. His willingness to destroy anything to solve a puzzle made his character repulsive. After the Moriarty episodes which was top notch stuff it felt as if the show lacked direction. However, I’ve always liked how he used the homeless network. I thought that was a brilliant angle to the show.
    Lol I just went on and on about the show.

    My name is Faith.


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