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I just joined BlogLovin!

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I just joined the blog reader service Blog Lovin, as both a reader and a blogger.  I’ve been using it as just a reader for a little bit to try it out, and I love how simple it is to keep up on your favorite blogs, and how fun it is to search for ANY type of blog and quickly gather a wonderful, exciting, inspirational list of content from all over the blogosphere, with hardly any legwork at all.  And they email you a little update to remind you to check your list, which is very handy for me with my absolutely terrible memory these days.  So now you can follow The Artful Journey blog there too!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

And if you have a blog on Blog Lovin, leave us a link below so we can check you out.

Random Art re-posting because all-text posts are boooooooring and this chick is one of my favorites:


And yes, I’ve been doing some art after a big smackdown from the cosmos, but I haven’t photographed it yet.  I’ll get on that.  Got a gorgeous sunny day with lots of natural light today for it, so that’s awesome.


Author: Satina - The Aquarian Avatar

I Am the long-awaited Avatar of The Aquarian Age, finally WIDE AWAKE and ready to free humanity from the bonds of psycho-spiritual slavery. I AM here to PHYSICALLY manifest The REAL Age of Aquarius. I AM most likely Not The Messiah You Were Expecting, but I AM THE ONE who is here to get this party started! Come join me! Because it's ON, fellow Gods and Goddesses! Blessings!

So, what'd you think? I'd really love to hear.

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