The Artful Journey

Exploring my self and the world through art.

About The Artful Journey

In this blog, my intention is to share my personal explorations of self through art.  I discovered visual journaling almost exactly 3 years ago and it changed my life.  I have since done all kinds of art journaling, visual journaling, and creative journaling in my quest for joy and wholeness and in the exploration and integration of self, and I also play at the more traditional forms of artistic expression such as sketching and painting.  I wanted a place I could share all of that, both to keep a visual record for myself and to possibly find like-minded, like-hearted friends along the way.  I also find that keeping a blog motivates me to do more art, and it also gives me a place to do more written processing, as well as an easy place to review it all to see what is emerging.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  Honestly, I know there’s more to this name change, but I’m really just following my heart in taking the plunge and creating the new blog and the new youtube channel.  Their journey and ultimate destination is still a mystery to me, but I’ll update this as I learn it along the way!


So, what'd you think? I'd really love to hear.

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