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Exploring my self and the world through art.


29 Faces: Feb. 15 Art Journal Spread

I used Portfolio water-soluble oil pastels, then brush pen ink drawing over that.  I discovered that the ink can be smudged to create interesting shading effects which I’m digging.  I’m working very intuitively with these faces, inspired by Connie Hozvicka’s Total Alignment mini-course, like I mentioned before, and I was so not understanding why those colors wanted to be chosen.  I wasn’t liking this at all at first, but I kept listening and got the message, and it’s a profound one for me, plus I like the unique way she came out.  I’m quite amazed at the power of the Fearless Painting process, and it’s really so cool that Connie is giving it away for free in the Total Alignment course.  It’s really transforming my art in miraculous ways.  My 18 x 24 pad of mixed media paper just got here today, so I’m going to begin truly Fearless Painting big now and we’ll see where that goes!  I’m obviously painting as big as I can in my rather small journal, turning it on its side, and I can already feel a difference, so I’m excited.



Total Alignment: Opening the Heart Center, 29 Faces Art Journal Spread

Today I started working with Connie H’s FREE Total Alignment Fearless Painting mini-course.  The first assignment is to open your heart center and let your heart guide your hands.  This is what was in my heart.  This is for Shannon.  Happy Valentine’s Day.


Watercolor on mixed media journal with pigment pen lines and journaling, and the yellow is crayon resist with watercolor, then outlined.


29 Faces: Feb 9 Art Journal Page and Evidence Journal

She is a scribble sketch done without lifting the pen from the paper, in colored ball point pen.  I got a set of a dozen in all different colors at Staples for $2 during Back to School, and I love them.  They write like Inkjoy, but they are stick and have no caps.  Not sure what’s up with that, except that they were selling next to the colored pencils, so maybe they figured colored pencils don’t have caps, so if we leave the caps off these, people will buy them for their kids instead of the colored pencils.  Anyway, they’re weird and wonderful and I sketched this chick with them and then did watercolor over them and some journaling.  Doing heavy watercolor on this paper just wrecks it, but the color still moves, so I just let it dry and brush off the paper bits and thank the muse for extra texture.


Here is the Evidence Journal I set up today, that I talked about in the journaling.


It’s basically an inspirations and ideas notebook for art.  It’s a $5 sketchbook from Michael’s, Artist Loft brand, about 5 x 8.  I made simple pockets out of the front two pages and back two pages, since they were glued together along the spine anyway.  I’ll keep inspirational notes, bits and pieces, etc. in there.  My identifying info is on the left, protected by my new timer, Eggbert, that I use to do fast, intuitive collage, journaling, and painting within short time limits.  On the right is the table of contents key to the tabs I made.


I just used the ‘magic’ Scotch tape to make ten tabs with numbers written in brown Sharpie.


I also cut a little scallop shape out of the front of the pocket so I can open it easier.  I did that on both the front and back pockets.  Lastly, I put a clip on to hold a pen.  I don’t like this yellow one, but it’ll do until I find one I like better.


Eggbert looks on in the background as I show you it’s just a regular ol’ clip, but it’s quite genius for adding a pen to any book.  I do love these things.


And lastly, yes, as the journaling also says, I did join The Artstronauts Club, a membership site for art and art journaling tutorials run by Teesha and Tracy Moore.  It’s dirt cheap at $5 a month (for now anyway) and promises new video tutorials all the time, plus has a plethora of pre-video’d tutorials, as well as articles, printables, a current blog, links, forums, and all kinds of other stuff.  I don’t see how I could regret this.  I’ve already learned or been inspired to the tune of this month’s $5 just today.  I can see how it would be a wonderful way to be able to just offer whatever is inspiring you without thought to how it will pay, because the site itself brings in a steady income, just taking a tiny bit from a lot of people who are being inspired by your work while you just follow the muse and make stuff and teach about it.  I LOVE it.

With that intention, I advise you to go check it out!