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Daisy Yellow Creative Experiment #11: Hand-carved stamps. Lots of ’em.

Okay so yeah, last night, inspired by Daisy Yellow’s Creative Experiments Challenge, as well as Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Kristin Norton’s super fast youtube video and the ebook she wrote, I broke into my Speedball Kit and made some stamps while Shan watched the Olympics.  I couldn’t believe it when I shot the photos, but I made 14 stamps!  This is SO MUCH FUN.  If you haven’t tried it, DO IT.  I’ll bet you could even start with one of those cuticle trimmers that you can get at the Dollar Store, along with a white plastic eraser you can get at the Dollar Store.  Or you can buy a kit.  I am going to upgrade to the Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment myself, now that I know how freakishly fun this is.  It’s like 12 bucks, as opposed to the ten I paid for this kit, and it’s safer, has more tips, and you can store the tips in the handle.  Plus it’s pink.  I really should have heeded the signs and got it first.

This is one of February’s Creative Experiment Challenges:  CE #11: {up to 4 points, 1 point per stamp} Make hand-carved stamps to use in your art journal.

I totally earned my 4 points on this one, baby.

I started with a star, my number one symbol.  Then I put a simple box on the back of that.  I did this page in my journal, first stamping with watercolor paint, which I wasn’t thrilled about, then using a Distress Ink pad in Worn Lipstick.  I did a quick wash with some watercolor paint, then I just did journaling with black pen and black brush pen.  About how now I need ink pads.  I’ve never been much into rubber stamps, because they were too generic, and all I have is Staz-On ink, which will ruin these, and a couple of Distress Ink pads.  So I need normal, non-solvent-based ink pads.


Then I decided I wanted to make my most desired stamp, a key, so I sketched out some ideas.  Then I realized my tool isn’t sophisticated enough to do that fine work, so I did a simplified version, with the teeth spelling TRUTH.  I.  Love.  This.  I can’t wait to get the finer tools to make finer keys.  Anyway, so yeah, then I did 11 more stamps.  Here is a spread in my journal where I stamped each design and numbered it.


Omigod how in love am I with that chain link?  It’s my own idea and it totally works!  I love love love chains!  That and my truth key are my absolute favorites.  Here are some of the pages and papers I used, including the Evidence Journal, where I planned and tested the designs:



DSCN1970 DSCN1969

And here is the spread, but with the actual stamps on the right.


Wow these are some funky-looking stamps when they’re done.  Most of them are two-sided, so you can only see one design.  And that pink is actually even MORE pink in real life, life chewed bubble gum or sunburned baby flesh.  I told you, really freaky.  I’ll be relieved to move on to carving white erasers, I think.  But I still have a chunk of this stuff left to use, so more freaky-awesome pink babyflesh bubblegum stamps are on the way.