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29 Faces, Feb. 6, Blue Book, Blue Haired High Priestess Neela

Ever since I flaked out after face 19 or so last year, I’ve wanted a second chance at the 29 Faces Challenge.  Yesterday, I found out they started it again the first of this month!  So I’m joining in.  Obviously, I’ve already done my other 5 faces, so that’s cool, right?  I won’t link to them as 29 Faces because I did them before I joined.  But this one was done in response to the challenge.  It’s pen and ink wash, soluble graphite, and watercolor in my NEW Global Arts Handbook Artist’s Journal, heretofore known as the Blue Book.  I LOVE this journal.  I love everything about it.  I am going to do a post and a video on just how much I love this journal, but I won’t bore you with all that here, I will just post my Feb. 6 face with hopes that you get a little something out of my sharing it.

I have realized that I have a High Priestess/Guide with me on this art journaling journey, a female with blue hair and golden eyes.  She showed up about a month ago, and she’s with me every day, showing up and talking to me.  Today she talked about her boobs.  She shows up looking different each time, old, young, fat, thin, but always with blue hair and golden eyes, and she always has something to tell me.  I don’t think her skin is this color, so I will have to spend more time with her to learn that detail.  I think she could be my Higher Self.  I was once told the name of my Higher Self is Neela, and when I looked that up, it means Blue in Hindi.  I think she’s showing me her face!  I think I’m going to have to get a streak of blue in my hair again like I had several years ago.  I never felt more myself than when I had that streak.

DSCN1926 DSCN1927

The strategic strip of plastic came off the packaging for a new book I got in the mail today, Celebrate Your Creative Self, by Mary Todd Beam, and I loved the way it looked.  Then when the piece was nearly done, I realized how great the gray would go with the graphite and how it would express censorship in an interactive way and I snatched it up and used my mini Hello Kitty stapler with fuschia staples to attach it.

I’ve realized that I like to add something to the page which makes me slow down, like moving this strip of plastic around to turn the page, etc.  It helps me engage more with my work.

Please let me know if she talked to you in any way, or if you’ve ever had a Guide show up in your own work like this!